We Are Women’s History In The Making

March 19, 2021

As I reflect on Women’s History Month, I’m motivated by the passion of female history-makers who have instilled change and opportunity for women everywhere. However, it’s hard to ignore at this moment that the global pandemic has been particularly challenging for women. Despite recent advancements addressing gender inequality in the workplace, women, both single and married, still disproportionately carry the caretaking burden in most homes. The ability to toggle work and life seems more elusive than ever.

Does this sound familiar? Employers’ flexibility is wearing thin; Hybrid/virtual learning is failing many families; Our emotional reserves are running low from the stress, anxiety, and grief of the past 12 months; Mommy guilt is ever-present. We ask: When will I get a vaccine? When will I get a break or a vacation? When will it all end? Will we ever recover? Will I ever go in public without a mask again? It is A LOT.

Pause. Take a deep breath. There IS hope: You are doing GREAT. We are going to make it through this!

Despite any self-doubt, YOU are fortunate to be alive, and this moment will make you stronger.

I’ve survived a lot in my life, from childhood trauma to a long-term, immensely painful illness, and was recently recalling the journey that brought me to today with my young daughter. There have been many days, sometimes periods of many years, when I thought I would not survive. But I did. And more than that, everything I endured taught me valuable new lessons about courage, digging deep, how much love and support was around me, and the kindness and generosity of strangers. The next time I faced new challenges, I found I was better equipped to thrive rather than just endure.


Ladies: We live in a world of uncertainty and pain, but that does not need to define us. We are SO MUCH STRONGER than we sometimes feel. We know this because we are still standing. That project report may be late; your inbox may need attention; our kids may not be getting straight A’s; our homes might be dirtier than we’d prefer; heck, our hair may even be unwashed for days. But we have not given up, and we have not given in. Our confidence, capacity, and beauty strengthen as we overcome these circumstances and RISE, all while making history for the next generation of women who are watching us.