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Valiant’s high value solutions support the most complex critical missions across the globe including some of the most austere environments. Our customers are U.S. Government agencies, allied partners and international. We have operations in more than 17 countries and approximately 5000 associates located around the world.

With a focus on defense and aerospace, national security and intelligence and civil government, Valiant has provided support services for more than 50 years and is known for its commitment to excellence and achievements in quality, safety and operational performance. Our differentiator is as a mission partner with deep program management experience, a wide array of services and proven capabilities in advanced technology applications coupled with our ability to rapidly adapt to changing mission conditions.  

We are a company of innovators, helping to drive organizations forward with collaborative new approaches while simultaneously setting the standard for mission performance.  As global geopolitical conditions and markets transform, we will be at the forefront leading the way with innovative solutions that will help solve tomorrow’s challenges.



At Valiant, we’re of one mindset. Not content with how things have always been done. So we keep pushing. Solving. Unlocking every challenge. Giving it the best people, positioned in right places with the right solutions, and equipped with the experience and resources to not only succeed, but to excel. Every mission. Every operation. Every expedition. Every time. So we never stop reinventing. Rediscovering. And reimagining. Here we have only one focus: Empowering the world's most critical missions.


At Valiant, it’s our people that shape our future.  We are one diverse and inclusive team embracing all perspectives and collaborating in order to make a positive impact; united by our core values, we deliver exceptional results the first time and every time.  Our people are at the center of our delivery capabilities and are known for operating with integrity, valuing and empowering our teams, and leading by example.

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Business Integrity:

We want to do business the right way. We want to be the best at what we do while never compromising on integrity. The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Policy applies to everyone at Valiant Integrated Services…including the board of directors, company officers, employees, subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers.

Core Values:

Valiant Integrated Services’ unwavering convictions govern the way we do business. Our philosophy is designed around three core values.


Health, Safety, Quality, Environment:

Safety goes without saying… at Valiant Integrated Services it’s a MUST and strictly enforced from the top of the corporate ladder to each and every employee on our project sites.

Quality is an integral part of Valiant’s work process with the ultimate goal being – a satisfied client. When vision, objectives, and plans are shared, everyone works together to the benefit of the organization and the client. Valiant takes great pride in meeting client expectations.

We believe in holding ourselves accountable in making the world a better place through the insight and solutions we provide, our engagement in society, the way we do business, and our commitment to protect people and the environment.


Maintaining our position as a valued provider of choice requires continued focus on and commitment to offering affordable client solutions, superb quality, and on-time delivery of products and services. A large degree of our success rests with our supplier base and the many things they do each day to enable consistent performance across our programs.

We value our supplier relationships and the collective accountability we share in meeting program requirements and achieving total client satisfaction.

Valiant recognizes the important contributions the ALL Small Business Program makes in promoting innovation while creating job growth and sustaining our country’s economy. We believe that small businesses, including small disadvantaged, woman-owned, veteran-owned, service disabled veteran-owned, historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) firms, as well as historically black colleges and universities/minority institutions (HBCU/MI) further improve awareness and expertise to assist us in supporting our customers and their mission.

Valiant Integrated Services is always searching for suppliers who are as innovative and committed to their customers as we are.

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Dedicated and capable men and women of the armed forces serve and protect our nation. And just as we are proud to support them on the front lines with our products and services, we are also here to offer opportunities for employment, business partnering, and suppliers.